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Midland Daycare Allegedly Closed Without Paying Employees, Reimbursing Parents


A Midland daycare is facing wage theft allegations after the business unexpectedly shut its doors on October 23.

Little Dreamers Daycare, located at 600 N. Carrizo St., is accused of failing to pay employees and reimburse parents for "at least several weeks" of services, according to former assistant director Kelley Robinson.

She told NewsWest 9 she "felt betrayed" after dedicating herself to the daycare for three and a half years, and "desperately missed" the 89 children who had been enrolled there.

"It was a very emotional day for us," Robinson said of her last shift at Little Dreamers. "We had virtually no notice and parents were just told we couldn't staff the daycare anymore."

She has since found a new job at a different Midland daycare on Andrews Highway, but said several of the 12 teachers who worked with her at Little Dreamers are struggling to find another source of income.

The owner of the daycare did not return calls from NewsWest 9 for comment.

Robinson said she plans to take legal action and press criminal charges if the owner does not respond to her letters within 10 days.

"I love what I do... but nobody works for free," she said.

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