AT&T Service Outage Repaired

AT&T Service Outage Repaired

UPDATE: AT&T tells Newswest9 that, "Service was restored to wireless and wireline customers in the West Texas area who may have experienced problems with their service yesterday (Tuesday) due to a fiber cut. Technicians were able to quickly repair the fiber and service is currently running normally. We apologize for any inconvenience."


AT&T confirmed to Newswest 9 that it is dealing with service outages across the state including West Texas.

Because of the outage, the Alpine Police Department is handling 9-1-1 calls for Presidio, Brewster, Culberson, and Hudspeth counties.

All emergency calls for those counties and in Alpine are being directed to the Alpine Police Department's landline.

AT&T tells Newswest 9 the problem may be a network issue and they have people working on it.

There is no word on when the problem will be fixed.