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Mother Filing Petition After Son is Killed by Falling Tombstone


Six months ago, 4-year-old Levi Driver was crushed from a falling tombstone while his grandpa paid respects to his wife. Now, Levi's mother is seeking justice.

Levi's mother, Caroline Wilson, has filed a petition to Ector County & Ector County Cemetery. According to the petition, she has done this in order to investigate if she has a wrongful death claim against the cemetery after her 4-year-old son passed away as a result of head injuries from a falling tombstone.

In the, Wilson is asking for the statements of both Ector County Judge Susan M. Redf­ord and Ector County Cemetery Director Martha Fierro.

Levi's mother wants to know what kind of inspections have been done at this cemetery since January 1st of 1970, whether there's been any accidents or problems with the headstones or monuments and what kind of maintenance has been done at this cemetery since then.

According to this petition, Frank Guita will be the attorney for Caroline Wilson and they are anticipating a suit to be filed against Ector County and Ector County Cemetery.

The hearing for the petition is scheduled for November 24.

NewsWest 9 will continue to update you as we receive more information on this case.

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