Andrews Teacher Under Investigation for Grabbing Special Needs Student

Andrews Teacher Under Investigation for Grabbing Special Needs Student

ANDREWS, TX (KWES) - A mother of an Andrews High School student is furious as a teacher is under investigation for allegedly grabbing a special needs student in order to force him to look up.

According to the mother, the teacher did not follow proper protocol.

Brayden is a special needs Sophomore student at Andrews High School. He takes regular classes but checks back in with Special Education. One of his classes is taught by a teacher who is also a coach.

In the class, he was getting ready to grade papers in class and had trouble finding his pen. Brayden's mother says he was verbally reprimanded by his teacher in front of his class.

Being autistic, Brayden shut down and started crying and that's when his teacher allegedly grabbed him by the chin in order to force him to look up.

Braydon's mother, Mira Pena tells us, "If it would have been the other way around, if Brayden would have touched this coach in the face, my son would have been gone. No questions asked, it wouldn't have been so private. It would have been public. During the time when the principal did call me, he himself told me that the coach did not follow protocol because the protocol would have called the special ed department and the special ed department would have came in and taken care of Brayden and removed him from the classroom."

NewsWest9 went to the Andrews Independent School District's office and we were told Andrews ISD Superintendent, Dr. Bobby Azam, was out. NewsWest9 has also contacted the district and have not heard a response.

Peña wants justice for her son. She has heard from her son that this type of problem has happened before and she doesn't want it to happen to another student.

"He's a very brave, resilient little boy, always has been and I'm very proud of him for standing up. He just says he wants to be the voice for the other kids that haven't been heard and he said that the coach is just a big bully. Those are some of Brayden's own words and so I promised him that we would get his story out," said Peña

Peña said after the incident, her son's schedule was changed but the status of the teacher is unknown. NewsWest9 reached out Andrews Police Department but Chief Bud Jones was the only one able to comment and he was unavailable.

We will continue to update you as we receive more information.