#EndTheStreak Movement Calls for End to 15 Years of Deadly Crashes

#EndTheStreak Movement Calls for End to 15 Years of Deadly Crashes

It's no secret getting behind the wheel can be dangerous, and Texas is one of the most common places for fatal crashes. In fact there's been a fatal crash on Texas roads everyday for the past 15 years. The Texas Department of Transportation says those fatal crashes have lead to more than 50,000 deaths. Locals told us what they think is to blame for so many deadly crashes.

"I think there's a number of factors. People obviously looking at their phones and not paying attention and really just a lack of focus when paying attention. I think really the biggest thing is making sure of yours and everyone else's surroundings when you're driving. Just doing a better job of paying attention really."

TXDOT is asking drivers to help them end this streak of deadly crashes. What's the streak? Well November 7th of the year 2000 was the last day that went by without someone dying in a fatal crash on a Texas road. That's 15 years of deadly crashes occurring everyday!

"I just try to be as careful as possible. I mean there are crazy drivers out there and I can also do my part and making sure I'm paying attention so I just try and be as careful and possible and make sure I'm covering my basis and really hoping everyone else out there is doing the same."

One local we talked to told us he is scared for his children everyday they are on Texas roads.

"Yeah I always tell them take care and watch the roads because you don't know when you're going to find a hole."

So help TXDOT end this 15 year long streak of deadly crashes. Always buckle up and avoid distractions.