North Midland Walmart Reopens to Customers

North Midland Walmart Reopens to Customers


After nearly seven months of being closed, the Walmart in North Midland has finally reopened their doors.

They've made some major upgrades and renovations.

If you have been awaiting the opening of the North Midland Walmart, customers were lined up outside the store on Friday morning to get a peek at the renovations.

Walmart employees do their beginning of shift chant as they wait to welcome back customers.

Midland Mayor, Jerry Morales, received the honor of making the first ever purchase at the newly renovated store.

The store was closed back in April due to plumbing issues.

Instead of just fixing the plumbing, the whole store got a makeover including new displays, floors, fixtures, a larger produce and dairy section.

Managers say the changes will improve the overall experience for the customer.

The store has about 450 employees and a majority worked there before the renovations.

"I am very excited about being back. It was hard when we closed down. Coming back I know why. It's beautiful. We replaced everything from floor to fixtures," said Department Manager, Arcie Contreras.

The store will be open 24 hours.