Medical Center Hospital Increasing Awareness About Lung Cancer

Medical Center Hospital Increasing Awareness About Lung Cancer

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Medical Center Hospital is bringing awareness to lung cancer prevention. The Shine A Light On Lung Cancer conference was held at the cancer center at the hospital Thursday night. NewsWest 9 learned why lung cancer need more awareness in West Texas.

"Here in the Permian Basin, there is a higher incidence of smoking and lung cancer than in other parts of Texas. Currently in the Permian Basin, about one in five adults continue to use tobacco products and thus are at risk for lung cancer and other diseases," said Dr. Joseph G. Kaczor with Medical Center Hospital.

That's why Medical Center Hospital is shining a light on lung cancer with Thursday night's conference where several doctors will speak about the risks and prevention.

"The Shine A Light On Lung Cancer is put on by Lung Cancer Alliance and there's over 300 events in the country that will be honoring and remembering patients touched by lung cancer," said Stacy Bond, a local nurse.

Physicians say that lung cancer doesn't get much awareness even though it should be the biggest focus when it comes to cancer.

"This is important because lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths and it kills more people than breast, prostate and colon cancer combined," said Bond.

The biggest thing they are emphasizing is the importance of early screenings for lung cancer. They say that is the best way to prevent and beat the battle of lung cancer.