Caught on Cam: Suspects Try to Steal ATM

Caught on Cam: Suspects Try to Steal ATM

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Back in early October, a couple of suspects broke into a 7-11 and tried to make off with an ATM. It turns out, they weren't able to steal anything but they did cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. They pull in, back up and three men jump out a 90's model Chrysler Mini Van.

"We really want everyone to take a good look at this vehicle," said Odessa Crimestopper's Susan Rogers. "It's got a lot of damage, it's like sun fade damage or rust or whatever to the top of it and to the hood. It appears to be a blue older model minivan type vehicle. We think someone will recognize this vehicle."

They pry open the doors with a couple of yellow crow bars and go straight to the ATM.

"They go in and they start trying to break into the ATM," said Rogers. "Two of them are in there with pry bars and all trying to break into the ATM and when they can't get it open, you can see that they get frustrated. They actually hook a chain around it and they're going to drag it out of the store. I don't know if the vehicle didn't have enough power or what happened because it didn't even budge."

Once the chain idea fails, they pack up and head out with empty hands, but left $300 worth of damage to the store and over $4,000 to the ATM.

"You can't really see them, you can see the outfits they're wearing, the clothing that they have on but this vehicle will play a key role in what happened here," said Rogers.

Detectives think there were four individuals in this attempt, the three in the surveillance video and one driving the rusted getaway van. If you think you know who these men are or recognize the van, call Odessa Crimestoppers at 333-TIPS. You will remain anonymous and could earn a cash reward.