Possible Fifth Disease Cases Reported at Big Spring School

Possible Fifth Disease Cases Reported at Big Spring School

A Big Spring elementary school is dealing with a disease. NewsWest9 viewers say Fifth Disease is spreading at Moss Elementary.

One viewer tells NewsWest9, she spoke to the assistant principal after being warned by other parents at moss elementary. She says the assistant principal mentioned they had five cases of the Fifth Disease.

The Centers for Disease Control says symptoms of the disease begin with fever, runny nose and headaches. After several days, you might get a red rash on your face and even experience swollen joints.

NewsWest9 spoke with the mother this is what she had to say, "The school failed on their part letting us aware because it should be up to us to let our children go to school and be sick or not. I was told from a lady that works at the hospital that there has been five children that have been seen with the Fifth Disease, Andrea Ruiz.

Ruiz added she probably won't be sending her child back until the issue is being taken care of.

NewsWest9 reached out to Moss Elementary. School administrators say they have no confirmed cases of the Fifth Disease at the moment. Moss elementary adds the principal did send out a precautionary letter after one student was sent home with a fever.

The Texas Department of Health Services could not confirm or deny any cases at the elementary since the Fifth Disease is not mandated to be reported.