City of Midland Discussing Water Tap Service

City of Midland Discussing Water Tap Service


A service provided to those living in Midland may come at a higher cost.

Anyone renovating their house or a building pays just under $400 for the city to create a new tap to the water system.

It costs the city around $4,000 to create this new tap.

They are now looking for ways to alleviate some of the financial weight, which includes upping the rate customers would pay.

"No decisions were made about actually changing the rate, but what City Council is going to need to do in the near future is look at how maybe we can close that gap a little. Do we do it over a long period of time? Do we switch to those rates immediately?” said Sara Bustilloz, Public Information Officer with the City of Midland.

The increase would only apply to those moving the tap.

Any new buildings will not be affected because that rate is covered in construction expenses.

While the increase wouldn't cover the whole bill for each moved tap, it would help cover more of it meaning less tax money would be going towards the new taps.