Halloween Sign in Presidio Causes Some Controversy

Halloween Sign in Presidio Causes Some Controversy


A sign posted during Halloween weekend caused some controversy in Presidio.

A NewsWest9 viewer sent a picture saying it belongs to a Border Patrol agent.

It was written in Spanish but translates into only American families will receive candy.

It upset a lot of our Facebook friends.

One viewer says it was clear, he was asking the kids to speak English in order to prove their citizenship.

But another said it was his right, since it was his home and he didn't violate any laws.

Border Patrol issued a statement saying they regret that their employee chose to post the sign.

They went on to say it doesn't reflect the opinion of the agency and they respect all people regardless of their culture, nationality or country of origin.

Border Patrol also apologized for any harm it created in their relationship with the community.

The Presidio Mayor also spoke with NewsWest9 about the controversial sign.

“I don't think there's anything that needs to be done. It was just so unusual and it doesn't represent the people of presidio at all. I think this person probably wishes he or she probably hadn't done it,” said Presidio Mayor, John Ferguson.

Border Patrol authorities have not confirmed whether the agent will be reprimanded for his actions.