Medium Detects "Friendly Ghost" in NewsWest 9 Studio

Medium Detects "Friendly Ghost" in NewsWest 9 Studio

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Self-described paranormal experts say spirits are lurking in numerous locations across West Texas - including the NewsWest 9 studio.

Larry and Stacie Overman, owners of an Oregon property featured in the 2013 Syfy show "Ghost Mine," moved to Odessa this week and said they immediately became aware of a ghost in their new home.

"During the past few years, my wife [Stacie] discovered this ability of hers to communicate with spirits and pass along their messages," Larry explained. "They generally stick around because of some unfinished business."

The couple visited the KWES station on West County Road 127 two days later and Stacie said she was struck with a similar sensation.

She reportedly felt her heart racing, her ears growing warm and a "distinct chattering feeling" in her jaw upon entering the building.

"I feel something here," she said following a brief tour of the control room and studio. "There's definitely a male presence that's a spirit here."

Stacie described the phantom as a "friendly ghost" and said he had passed away in his 40's or 50's.

"Perhaps his death was a news worthy event," she suggested. "Maybe it wasn't reported on."

Larry and Stacie said they look forward to scoping out other haunted locales in the Permian Basin as part of an upcoming project involving "paranormal teams from all over the world."

"You'll find ghosts wherever there's death and murder, which there's a lot of out here," said Larry.