Dangers of Halloween Contact Lenses

Dangers of Halloween Contact Lenses

Many people are busy putting last minute touches on their Halloween costumes including buying the right accessories, wigs, and make-up.

Some people are going an extra step for their spooky looks by purchasing over the counter contact lenses. These lenses may look great,but they can bring you more tricks than treats.

Decorative contact lenses have become a popular addition to Halloween costumes among many people, what many don't know is without a prescription these lenses are not only illegal but extremely dangerous.

Contact lenses are actually medical devices as written by the FDA. They are illegal to sell without a prescription. They are also very dangerous to wear without being evaluated to see if you're a candidate for contact lenses, make sure your eyes are healthy enough to wear them and also make sure you get the right lens, one that fits well.

Using contact lenses not specially made for you can cause long term damage to your eyes and specifically your vision.
They can cause problems ranging from infection to decreasing the oxygen that gets to the eye. It can cause serious vision problems, sometimes blindness in rare cases.

If you are wanting to use decorative contact lenses please consult with a doctor prior to using lenses that are not prescribed.