Permian High School Vandalized Before Rivalry Game

Permian High School Vandalized Before Rivalry Game

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Permian High School was vandalized the night before the big rivalry game between Permian and Odessa High School. The campus was covered with red spray paint and explicit messages. Crews were out early Friday morning cleaning up the damage. You can still vaguely see the words that the vandals wrote and whoever did this is now facing criminal charges.

"If we can find who did it, they will be prosecuted criminally. So it's not just fun and games and it's criminal," said Mike Adkins with the Ector County Independent School District.

Permian High School's football championship sign covered in red spray paint. The walls of the school also vandalized. Explicit words were written with the red paint. Profanity so disturbing, we can't even mention all that was written. The letters "OHS" were written in several different spots. This scene was discovered early Friday morning, the day of the big rivalry game between Permian and OHS.

"This really does put a damper on it early in the day and it's just ridiculous. It's destructive and it's criminal," said Adkins.

Ector County ISD says it's not the first time there has been vandalism like this.

"It happens periodically. I'm disappointed to say that too. It's not just the timing of it because Odessa High School got tagged three weeks ago. It wasn't tied to the rivalry and it's just as disappointing," said Adkins.

While everyone is at the game, the school district will be keeping a watchful eye on both campuses.

"To make sure that nothing destructive like this happens again, we will have patrols and we will have people at the schools checking on things tonight," said Adkins.