Big Spring Student Surprises Entire School

Big Spring Student Surprises Entire School

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - The energy in the Big Spring High School Gym was unlike any other during Friday's pep-rally, but the place erupted when Blantyn Gusman entered. Back on  June 7, Blantyn was in a car accident with two of his fellow classmates. One of them died, one of them was injured and Blantyn was paralyzed.

What was your typical Halloween pep-rally turned in to so much more. While the students were chanting for the Steers, a very special guest was making his way in to an unforgettable moment. This was Blantyn Gusman's first school appearance since before his accident. The best part was, the crowd had no idea.

"It was a huge surprise," said Big Spring Athletic Director Phillip Ritchey. "I actually found out this morning that he was coming."

"I had no idea and we normally know everything that goes on at these pep-rallies, so it was a surprise to everyone," said BSHS Junior, Cameron Mikels.

He came through the doors and made his way around in front of an adoring crowd to give the football team a pep talk and wrapped it up with..."Go steers and beat those bulldogs!"

Blantyn played football for the Big Spring Steers, and although he won't be able to suit up on Friday night's, the entire team feels his presence and it's their motivation.

"We've talked about Blantyn all year long," said Ritchey. "He's our motivation really. It just makes us feel really blessed to play football you know, we take that for granted a lot."

When Blantyn was asked if he knew how much support he had from the entire community, he said, "No, not until now," Gusman said. "Now I know I have the support. Before this, I didn't think I had any."

Despite his diagnosis as a quadriplegic, Blantyn is a hero and gets through every day with a few words that some tend to forget.

"Don't give up," he said. "Keep working at it and keep praying. It'll get better for sure."