New Details Released Regarding Accusations Against Pecos Postmaster

New Details Released Regarding Accusations Against Pecos Postmaster


New information on accusations against the postmaster in Pecos.

A group of mail carriers accused him of racial discrimination back in August.

Now, the mail carriers are getting help filing a complaint.

The mail carriers say postmaster David Neilon met with about eight of them asking them not to speak Spanish not only within the post office but anywhere.

State representatives from LULAC were in town assisting the carriers.

LULAC Director Elia Mendoza says the council helped them submit their complaint to the National Equal Employment Opportunity Investigative Services Office this past Monday.

“We met with them Friday evening. We gave them instructions as to what they had to do because they did need some help with some verbiage. They filled out a complaint and an addendum and set it to Miami,” said Mendoza.

Mendoza added she wrote a letter emphasizing Neilon needs to be suspended or removed from his position.

As carriers have mentioned it's not the first time he has made these types of comments.

On the other hand, postal service officials tell us they cannot discuss Neilon's employment status due to the employee privacy act.

At the moment, the investigation is still ongoing.