Simulated Deadly Crash Caused by Drunk Driver at Kermit High School

Simulated Deadly Crash Caused by Drunk Driver at Kermit High School

KERMIT, TX (KWES) - A disturbing scene set up at Kermit High School on Wednesday. Students, teachers and parents gathered around a simulated crash site to bring awareness on the dangerous of drinking and driving.

It's lunchtime here at Kermit High School. Imagine a group of students decide to get behind the wheel after they've been drinking. They crash into another car full of students, killing two of them and changing everyone's life forever. That's the scenario that was played out Wednesday at Kermit High School. It was a bloody scene at the mock crash site. Two vehicles full of high school students, now mangled in the wreckage.

"A lot of times it takes seeing what we see and deal with to put that into perspective," said Tiffany Holley, a paramedic for Winkler County EMS.

About 350 students, teachers and parents gathered to watch as the disturbing scene unfolded. The parents of one teen even said they were holding back tears as emergency responders tended to the bloodied teens.

"We try to make it as if it were an actual accident. The radios will go off. The lights and sirens will go off. We will go flying up there like we usually do," said Holley.

The police department, DPS, the fire department, EMS, the hospital and a local funeral home all took part in the simulation. A helicopter was even called in to make the scene realistic. It was all to bring awareness to the dangers of drinking and driving.

"We're trying to get them to know what can really happen. I don't want to be a person that can say my friend died in a drunk driving accident. Please don't drink and drive. Your family will truly miss you. Just because you want to have fun for one moment. It's going to end in a really bad result," said Alejandra Hipolito, a student at Kermit High School.

"Yeah you may decide to go drink a few beers tonight but think about when you decide to drive home, how that's going to affect somebody if you do take that loved one from them," said Holley.