Date Set For Howard College Rollback Rate Election

Date Set For Howard College Rollback Rate Election


An election for Howard College’s rollback rate has been set.

The fate of the Howard College rollback rate will be decided on January 19, 2016.

Howard College voted to raise their tax rate to 25 cents and some people weren't happy about it.

They got enough signatures on a petition to put it to a vote.

Voters will now have to decide whether or not to keep the new tax rate.

Howard College raised the tax rate because of state funding cuts.

Howard College President, Cheryl Sparks, said if this election is successful for the petitioners then the tax rate would come down and the college would lose money.

"If the rollback election is successful in that the rate is rolled back then Howard College would lose about $630,000 in its budget," said Sparks.

If the rollback election fails, the tax rate would stay the same and the college will not lose that money from its budget.

Early voting will be January 4 through January 16.