Mobile Home Swept Away By Flood Waters in Rankin

Mobile Home Swept Away By Flood Waters in Rankin

UPTON COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Severe storms that rolled through the Basin Wednesday night left their mark. An RV park in Rankin was hit hard.

A mobile home and several vehicles were swept away by the flood waters. The flood waters began to quickly rise Thursday morning.

The front porch of the mobile home was left behind as it was swept away by the flood waters, drifting it about a quarter of a mile from the park.

"The trailer house literally floated off and then some travel trailers started moving along with it and a few vehicles," said Sheriff Dan Brown with the Upton County Sheriff's Department.

Authorities were able to evacuate everyone from the park before the trailers and mobile homes were picked up by the rushing flood waters.

"The main thing is that nobody was hurt. It's an awful loss to lose property but it's a lot worse to lose a life," said Brown.

The mobile home and some vehicles were carried off to a field several blocks away from the RV park. On Thursday afternoon, the flood waters at the park were still a couple feet high and rushing through the area.

"It's pretty bad. Just don't go through the water when it's high like this. People just don't realize how much damage that water can do," said Brown.

A shelter for those affected by the severe weather has been opened in Rankin. Sheriff's deputies are keeping a close eye on the dangerous flood waters and are preparing for even more flooding.

"We just have to keep a close eye on it and keep everybody that we can out of harms way. Try to keep them if we can, keep them evacuated. Make sure they're OK and make sure that we can warn them in time," said Brown.

With more severe weather headed this way over the next couple of days, the sheriff's department is warning residents to stay safe and keep a distance from flood waters.