More Oil Wells Could be Drilled in Midland

More Oil Wells Could be Drilled in Midland

More oil wells could be drilled in Midland.

Midland City Council members approved four permits at Tuesday’s meeting.

There's no word on the exact locations.

Officials say if the drilling is approved, it will be done on the north side of town and by High Sky Partners.

This isn't the first time oil wells have been drilled in the city though.

In fact, it's pretty common.

"We've had several wells over the last few years. Our most recent ordinance started in 2010 so we've had quite a few wells, about a little over 100 to that ordinance,” said Ron Jenkins, Oil & Gas Coordinator in Midland.

We’re told before the wells can be drilled; the permits will go before an oil and gas committee.

They will then go to the city council where they will vote on them twice.