Burglar Hits Southwest Midland Home

Burglar Hits Southwest Midland Home

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Jesus Garcia and his family went out of town Friday. When they arrived back home on Monday, they discovered a disturbing find. It wasn't until he reviewed his recently installed surveillance cameras that he realize what had happened.

"I just saw this guy, he pulled up to the front of the yard, parked, got out, and walked around," said Garcia. "He starting carrying stuff out, went through my vehicle and he made off with quite a bit of stuff."

'Stuff' that included a chainsaw, a weed-eater, tools and some personal items that belonged to Garcia's wife.

"Once he got through loading all the stuff, he just picked up and drove off," Garcia said.

Not one, two or even three cameras could stop the suspect from making off with $1,000 worth of tools. He walks right through the yard and thinks he hit the jackpot.

The surveillance cameras are fairly recent. Garcia and his landlord decided to install a few after a string of burglaries happened in the neighborhood. But for Garcia, his wife and two children, this is about more than stolen tools.

"More than anything, it's a security thing and safety that's really got us worried and bothered," said Garcia.

The suspect drove a red Ford Taurus, if you know his whereabouts you are asked to call Midland Police or Midland Crimestoppers at 694-TIPS.

Garcia says he is willing to offer a cash reward leading to this suspect's arrest.