Inside the Damaged Wing of Medical Center Hospital

Inside the Damaged Wing of Medical Center Hospital

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The fire at Medical Center Hospital began around 9 A.M. Thursday morning and caused turmoil all throughout the Center for Women and Infants. Fortunately, the staff at MCH were able to evacuate the whole east wing with no issues.

From the outside of Medical Center Hospital you might not know there was a fire. As you enter the Center for Women and Infants, the smell of smoke greets you and water damage plagues portions of the fourth floor and the levels beneath it.

However, one thing to be celebrated is the quick thinking of Medical Center Hospital staff in response to the fire.

"My staff called me and told me we were starting to get smoke in the NICU and we ran down and that is when we started moving the babies," said Tammy Watson, NICU and Pediatrics Director.

Watson and other employees of the hospital worked diligently and carefully to help transport the babies from the east wing to the pediatric side, the new area where they will be cared for.

"Our main thing was the safety of our babies and the safety of our families and that is all that you could see. All the nurses and helpers that were here... That was their main focus," said Watson.

The president and CEO of the hospital, says the cause of the fire has been ruled as electrical and the rest of the hospital has not been affected.

"Fortunately, the main part of the hospital... all the med-surg, E.R., trauma, and critical care units are fully functional and not affected by this," said William Webster, President and CEO of MCH.

President Webster says they are working with engineers and an architect to assess the damage. There is no date yet of when the east wing will be back up and running.