Search for Gas Station Robbery Suspects

Search for Gas Station Robbery Suspects

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Authorities are on the lookout for a couple who robbed a convenience store. The duo gathered more than $129 worth of items at a 7-11 on Eastridge Road in Odessa. They took off before paying, nearly hitting the clerk with their get-away car.

The robbery happened back on July 23rd. A man and a pregnant woman walked into the store and did some shopping.

"They actually select a lot of items. There's food and cigarettes and lottery tickets and clothing items and they bring them all up to the counter and they also want some gas. The clerk actually scans everything and puts it in the sack. The male subject picks the sack up and goes to the car while the female stays in there to pay for it," said Susan Rogers with Odessa Crime Stoppers.

The woman tries to pay with two or three different credit cards, but they are all declined.

"So she tells the clerk I'm going to go outside and get some money and then I'll come back in," said Rogers.

Their get away car: a green Toyota.

"She goes out there and hops in the car and they take off. Well, the clerk felt like something was not right," said Rogers.

So the clerk heads outside to try and snap a picture of their license plate number.

"She walks out there and as she gets ready to take the picture, he guns the vehicle at her and then steers away from her at the last minute," said Rogers.

Now the search is on for these thieves, and Odessa Crime Stoppers wants your help in tracking them down.

"Keep in mind that this happened in July of this year and in the photo of the woman, she looks to be about seven months pregnant so she probably getting ready to have a baby or has had a baby. Something to that affect. So the video is real clear and i think somebody will recognize them," said Rogers.

The man and woman are facing aggravated robbery charges. If you have any information on this incident call Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS.