Fire Leads to Evacuation at Medical Center Hospital

Fire Leads to Evacuation at Medical Center Hospital

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Moms and babies at Medical Center Hospital are being cared for in a different wing Thursday night. They were evacuated after a fire broke out on the fourth floor Thursday morning. That floor is where babies and children who are in intensive care are treated, as well as new moms and infants. The fire was contained shortly after fire crews arrived on the scene. Families were blocked from entering the building, and some tell NewsWest 9 they were shaken up and scared. Smoke filled the east wing of the Medical Center Hospital in Odessa Thursday morning startling families trying to visit their loved ones.

"You could smell the smoke when you entered, you could smell it," said Debbie Shannon, who was visiting family at Medical Center Hospital.

The families were redirected to an auditorium where they received updates on the current condition of the the building. Kelly Shannon was trying to visit her father on the second floor when she entered the building and found the area blocked off to visitors

"Driving up, you could see all the chaos going on. There were fire trucks, police officers everywhere.lights and I noticed all the doors, where people were standing outside," said Kelly Shannon.

The fire began shortly after 9:00 Thursday morning when smoke filled the 4th floor of the women and infant center. The whole building was evacuated as smoke traveled down to the second floor. The evacuated patients were then transferred to other hospitals in the area.

"We have transferred so far two babies to Odessa Regional Medical Center," said William Webster, President and CEO of Medical Center Hospital.

With most of Odessa's fire crews at the scene, the Midland Fire Department stepped up to help with any other calls in the Odessa area. The wing was left with smoke, water and fire damage. There's no word on when the wing will be back up and running.