Odessa Bank Robbed, Suspect on the Loose

Odessa Bank Robbed, Suspect on the Loose

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Scary moments at a bank in Odessa earlier today. A man disguised as a woman robbed the bank. It happened here at the BBVA Compass bank off of 42nd and Englewood just before 11:00 Thursday morning. The Odessa Police Department says the robber tried to hide his identity by dressing like a woman and putting on a long black wig. The disguise didn't work to well because bank employees were still able to tell that the robber was a man.

"It's not unusual. Anything is possible. It's not uncommon for suspects to attempt to conceal themselves and hide their identity so it isn't surprising."

Odessa Police say the robber went into the bank and slipped a note to one of the tellers demanding money.

They say he never displayed a weapon during the robbery.

"I mean obviously it's still a violent felony that has been committed. So whoever committed this should be considered armed and dangerous."

The teller handed over an unknown amount of cash and the robber took off. It's unknown what direction he headed in. Nearby business were notified and officers searched the area but all stores and restaurants remained open.

"We don't have any reason to believe that the suspect is still in the area at this time."

Now the search is on for the bank robber, who police say was dressed like a woman and wearing a long black wig when he demanded cash from a bank teller.

"We have very little to go off of at this time and we're reaching out to the public with any information that they might have."

It's unknown if any customers were inside the bank when the robbery went down. If you have any information on this robbery call Odessa Police or Odessa Crime Stoppers at 333-TIPS.