Seminole Superintendent Arrested for DWI

Seminole Superintendent Arrested for DWI

The Seminole superintendent was arrested Wednesday night after driving drunk.

Seagraves Police say Gary Laramore, 42, was spotted driving recklessly on Highway 385 just before midnight.

Officers were eventually able to pull him over.

The report says police could smell alcohol coming from inside Laramore's SUV.

Laramore was asked to step out and perform field sobriety tests.

Police say he failed them and was arrested for DWI.

Seminole Independent School District says they have granted Laramore's request for several days of personal leave.

The school board will be meeting soon to discuss the situation and they appreciate Laramore's leadership in the school district and community.

The school board also added that their thoughts and prayers are with Laramore and his family during this difficult time.