Lee High School Teacher Resigns After Being Detained

Lee High School Teacher Resigns After Being Detained

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A Lee High School teacher has resigned after she and her husband were detained over the weekend in a federal drug case.

A spokesperson with the Drug Enforcement Agency says there's no indication any of the alleged drug activity this couple is accused of took place at Lee High School.

Midland County Jail records show a hold by the U.S. Marshals Office on Theresa Stroud and her husband, Stacy Stroud.

Theresa Stroud started working in the Midland I.S.D. in 2006.

Federal authorities say this is an ongoing investigation that started some time ago.

The couple faces charges of conspiracy to distribute meth.

The Midland I.S.D. Superintendent Ryder Warren, released this statement: "M.I.S.D. was made aware of the arrest of Lee High School teacher, Mrs. Theresa Stroud, over the weekend. I have accepted a resignation from Mrs. Stroud this morning, so she is no longer an employee of the district."

The Stroud's go before a federal magistrate Tuesday.