Midland College Reacting to Recent Deadly Shootings on College Campuses

Midland College Reacting to Recent Deadly Shootings on College Campuses

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Two deadly shootings on college campuses on Friday. One in Arizona, the other in Texas. This comes just one week after the shooting massacre at a college in Oregon. NewsWest 9 talked with local colleges about what they're doing to keep their campuses safe as they re-visit how to prevent such a deadly attack.

"Our hearts really go out to those colleges, their employees, their students," said Rebecca Bell, Dean of Community Relations at Midland College.

"As a college student, I guess it makes me fear for my life. I personally don't think that could happen here but you know no one is to say and it could happen so it makes me feel a bit un-easy I guess I could say," said Lionel Reynosa, a student at Midland College.

"You know I think that some people may feel a little un-easy. You don't know if you can trust anyone," said Matthew Esquivel, a student at Midland College.

Deadly shootings on college campuses back to back Friday morning. One student killed and another person injured at Texas Southern University. Over in Arizona, another person killed and three others injured. Just last week at an Oregon community college, nine people were killed before the shooter turned the gun on himself. At Midland College, Bell says they're prepared as can be to deal with a shooter on campus.

"Heaven forbid there should be something really bad, like a shooter on campus, we can immediately, text students and all employees and let them know the danger and what they should do," said Bell.

"I feel safe here at Midland College. You know it doesn't mean that a shooting couldn't happen here but we have the police officers and security guards and I think everyone here at Midland College is trying to make it safe," said Esquivel.

Just over a year ago, Midland College worked with local law enforcement and had a drill where they simulated an active shooter on campus. Now with so many recent deadly shootings on college campuses, another drill is in the works.

"We will have another drill on campus. Yes," said Bell.

They've re-opened discussion on what more they can do to prevent a deadly shooting on campus.

"We have asked for all of our employees to be pretty diligent in helping to identify if they see a student that might be in distress or might be prone to violent tendencies, to be aware of that," said Bell.

Campus carry laws are inching closer to being a reality, but some local students tell NewsWest9 it's not going to make them feel safer.

"I don't think that everyone carrying a gun will make the campus safer. It will probably just make it a more dangerous environment," said Esquivel.

"It would make me feel uncomfortable, I personally feel, because I feel as though I have to watch my back because I don't know who is armed or has a weapon. So I would personally feel more comfortable with just having staff carry weapons or things like that and we have the police officers here on campus," said Reynosa.

As of now, there's no word on when Midland College will have that shooter simulation drill but they say it will happen this school year.