Locals Supporting "In God We Trust" Decals on Law Enforcement Vehicles

Locals Supporting "In God We Trust" Decals on Law Enforcement Vehicles

The Seagraves Police Department is sporting some new decals on all of their patrol units. It reads "In God We Trust."

That's caused some controversy in another Texas town, Childress. That's where the saying is being challenged by the Freedom From Religion Foundation but that has not stopped other law enforcement agencies from jumping on board.

Others are following in their footsteps. The Yoakum County Sheriff's Department and Lamesa ambulances are also sporting the "In God We Trust" decal.

The Seagraves police chief tells NewsWest9 that's exactly what they were hoping for when they decided to add this new decal and he says locals are supporting their decision.

"I think it's a trust builder for the public. I really do. I think they like to see it and they like to know that we're human," said Scott McAuley, Police Chief for the Seagraves Police Department.

"I love it. I love the idea of us supporting our christian values," said Aaron Barnes, a local supporter of the decals.

"Yeah I completely support that. If those are supported by the city, which is part of our government, I'm all for putting god back in the government," said Rick Massey, a local supporter of the decals.

McAuley says recent violence towards law enforcement in other parts of the country is what sparked the idea for the new decals.

"It's a morale booster for our department as much as it is a good thing for the citizens. They seem to really like it too," said McAuley.

The Seagraves Police Department voted on the topic and it was decided to put "In God We Trust" on every patrol vehicle. Now, many surrounding law enforcement agencies and emergency personnel are doing the same. After the community of Childress put the decals on, they received backlash from a national church and state watchdog group, who requested that they remove the decals.

The Childress police chief replied, "I must deny your request and ask that you and the Freedom From Religion Foundation 'go fly a kite'."

NewsWest 9 talked with many locals and they seem to have a similar response to those wanting the decals removed.

"I kindly and respectively disagree. They're wrong. It's our constitutional right and the constitution was founded by men who believe in God and that's what we all ought to be doing," said Massey.

"Would you really want our country to lose our christian values? Would you really want our cities and our small towns to be like some of the larger cities on the east and west coast," said Barnes.

Medical Arts Hospital in Lamesa has also put the decal on their ambulances. NewsWest 9 reached out for a comment and their response was "In God We Trust."