Odessa High School Vandalized Overnight

Odessa High School Vandalized Overnight

Thursday morning when Odessa High School students showed up for class, they were in for a bit of a surprise.

The walls of one of the campus's new buildings was covered in graffiti, filled with insults against OHS, and evidence that the crime was committed by students from their rival school.

Naturally, it's all OHS students were talking about today.

"They were talking about how kids from Permian came and vandalized OHS. They spray painted on the walls and all that stuff, I heard about it."

Now, whoever committed the vandalism hasn't been caught, and may not have actually been from Permian. But in the minds of OHS students, there's no doubt. And the hard part is resisting the urge to fight fire with fire.

"They say that we should just go over there and just, like, do everything that they've done to us. You know, slash their tires, graffiti, break the windows, you know, they get mad. But the teachers, they just tell us to chill out, it's okay, it's not worth it."

Ector County Independent School District released a statement concerning the incident stating:

"Someone (or someones) did spray paint graffiti at Odessa High School, on the new band hall, sometime overnight. Unfortunately, this happens occasionally at our schools. Our maintenance department has removed it from the building, and ECISD police will investigate it as a criminal case."

The school district also urges anyone who might have information regarding this crime to call the ECISD Police Department at (432) 456-9999 or Odessa Crimestoppers at (432) 333-8477.