Gov. Abbott Visits Odessa, Speaks at Rockin' Q Smokehouse

Gov. Abbott Visits Odessa, Speaks at Rockin' Q Smokehouse

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - A cheering crowd greeted Gov. Greg Abbott Wednesday afternoon at Rockin' Q Smokehouse in Odessa, where he spoke about propositions on the November ballot and thanked West Texas voters for their overwhelming support in electing him.

"I got more than 80 percent of the vote in both Midland and Odessa," he said. "This is Abbott country right here."

He urged his constituents to now band together behind Propositions 1 and 7, both on the upcoming November 3 ballot.

"If Proposition 1 passes, you will get a tax cut on your property taxes," Abbott announced to cheers and applause.

Current law provides an exemption of $15,000 from the ad valorem taxation for public school purposes of a residence homestead, he explained. The proposed amendment, Proposition 1, would increase the exemption to $25,000 beginning January 1, 2015.

Homeowners would save between $120 and $130 each year, Abbott said.

He also urged voters to back Proposition 7, a constitutional amendment that would funnel more money into constructing and maintaining Texas roads.

"That is going to constitutionally dedicate about $2 billion a year of money the legislature might spend on some other pet project [to roads]," Abbott said. "They have to prioritize it and that money must be spent on building roads."

He also discussed strengthening border security, his goal to enact a more comprehensive Texas voter ID law, efforts to preserve personal freedoms in the face of same-sex marriage legalization and the crucial role West Texas plays in fueling the state's economy.

"I always look forward to coming out here to connect with business leaders," Abbott told the crowd at Rockin' Q. "[We] make sure we're doing all we can do stimulate the economy in West Texas, knowing the vital role it plays for the future of Texas."