Pit Bull Walk to be Held in Big Spring

Pit Bull Walk to be Held in Big Spring

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - Organizers in Howard County say the pit bull is just misunderstood.

Cindy Brookins is leading the push for change with a walk.

Brookins, who owns two put bulls, is holding the Pit Bull Walk on November 7 says the walk will attract hundreds of pit bull owners. The walk will take place at 1 in the afternoon at Comanche Trail Park in Big Spring.

Similar walks are taking place across the state.

The goal is to educate the public on the misrepresentation of the breed. Pit bulls will also be up for adoption at the walk.

Brookins operates a relocation rescue for pit bulls and says most stray pit bulls in Howard County are put to sleep.

"The pit bull has a 95% euthanization rate just in Howard County alone," said Cindy Brookins. "Also we want to show our community that Pit bulls can be good with other people, not just their owners." 

Brookins says the walk is meant to show everyone what the true meaning of loving a pit bull is.