Odessa Man Charged After Abusing Puppy

Odessa Man Charged After Abusing Puppy

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - An Odessa man is being charged after police say he beat and choked a puppy.

Gilbert Madrid, 46, was already in custody at Ector County Jail on unrelated charges when Odessa Police discovered he was responsible for a case of animal
cruelty that happened in the 900 block of Pittsburgh in September.

Police received an email on Monday, October 5, that contained disturbing footage of Madrid beating and choking a puppy until it vomited.

Police also spoke with a witness who was present during the incident.

When officers spoke with Madrid, he admitted to abusing the puppy and causing internal injury.

Madrid was charged with cruelty to animal-torturing, which is a state jail felony.