More Details on Odessa Murder Released

More Details on Odessa Murder Released

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The suspect in an Odessa murder, Khalifah Muhammad, 29,  is now behind bars.

He was arrested at the Flying J Truck Stop on Saturday, October 3, for the death of Brandon Russell.

The affidavit says Muhammad had called police on the night of September 30, claiming his car was being illegally repossessed. During the call, Muhammad could be heard saying, "Why didn't you let me get my stuff?"

When police arrived, they found Russell, who had sustained numerous gunshot wounds, sitting in a Nissan Sentra. He died due to the injuries.

Another employee, Jimmy Tilghman, was at the scene.

He said Russell worked for West Texas Auto Recovery and had spotted Muhammad's car, which was ordered to be repossessed.

The witness also told police Muhammad had become angry and got into the tow truck while it was being hooked up to the car.

Tilghman says Muhammad eventually got out of the tow truck and let him leave.

After he left, he said he heard several gunshots.

When he drove back, he found Russell inside his car with several gunshot wounds. 

Muhammad is facing first degree murder charges.