Fifth Case of Shigellosis Confirmed in Ector County

Fifth Case of Shigellosis Confirmed in Ector County


The Ector County Health Department is now investigating a total of five cases of Shigellosis.

Over the past several weeks, four cases of the illness popped up at three different schools. Those involved children from age five to eight.

Now, the health department has confirmed the first case in an adult.

The patient happens to be a teacher at one of the three schools where the children were diagnosed.

Both the Health Department and the E.C.I.S.D. are asking everyone in the county to look for symptoms.

Those symptoms include diarrhea that can sometimes be bloody, fever, abdominal pain and a painful sensation of needing to pass stools even when bowels are empty.

The symptoms can usually be spotted one to two days after being exposed.

Parents should encourage their children to not share food or food utensils and make sure they're washing their hands.

Health officials say no common source for the illness has been found.

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