Search Underway in Midland For Murder Suspect

Search Underway in Midland For Murder Suspect

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Investigators have roads blocked in Midland County and a search has now been underway for hours on Commerce Drive.

That's after a tip came in about murder suspect Khalifah Muhammad.

Officers have been on scene for several hours and all traffic is blocked in the area.

That's where Midland Police, Midland County Sheriff's deputies and K-9 units are following up on a tip involving the murder suspect out of Odessa.

Khalifah Muhammad, 29, is still on the run after allegedly shooting and killing Brandon Russell, 24, in Odessa at the Acacia Park Apartments on Oakwood Drive.

NewsWest9 is continuing to follow this story and we'll keep you up to date as new information is released.