Andrews Group "Cut the Cutting" Using Social Media, Art to Help Suicidal Teens

Andrews Group "Cut the Cutting" Using Social Media, Art to Help Suicidal Teens

ANDREWS, TX (KWES) - The high rate of teen pregnancy and suicide in Andrews inspired a group to do something about it. They started bringing Christian concerts to town.

But recently, they decided to take it one step further. They starting a group called Cut the Cutting, and they're using art and social media to make a difference.

"We are trying to pull teens away from suicide, pregnancies, drug addictions and cutting," said Destanie Barbee, a freshman at Andrews High School.

Cut the Cutting stems from the organization What Yeshua Can Do, of Andrews. It's a new idea to prevent teen suicide, capturing their attention using the power of social media.

"A lot of my friends are into cutting and I know a lot more are thinking about committing suicide," said Barbee.

The group will meet at Against the Grain, a local art studio. Owner, Andrea Taylor, says it provides a neutral ground for teens who have contemplated or attempted suicide.

"They may be considered dark, gothic, emo. They may be the cutters and the suicidal risks because they just don't have a place to be accepted, encouraged, or have a community, or just a place to be self-expressive," said Taylor.

Brittany Dunlap knows first-hand what these teenagers are going through. She's using her experience to help others.

"I'll be sharing my story of what I went through that caused me to cut, that caused me to harm myself. I want them to know they're not alone...There is hope and there is a light at the end of the tunnel within this community," said Dunlap.

Against the Grain will hold a burning of the blade ceremony where the teens can get rid of the devices they might use to hurt themselves.

Cut the Cutting is thinking big, beyond any video or lecture to reach out to teens. They say if they save one life, that's good enough.

"It still hurts us more than anything. Like whenever we lost Valerie. We lost her to bullying. That was the biggest thing ever. Everybody hated that," said Barbee about former classmate Valerie Stover.

For more information on the Christian concert in Andrews October 8th, upcoming events at Against the Grain studio, and more about the group Cut the Cutting, visit