Tall City Residents Dealing With Rat Problem

Tall City Residents Dealing With Rat Problem


People in the Tall City are dealing with a rat problem.

Those concerned live north of Loop 250 in Midland and say the problem came after open trash bag, bulky trash item and food was left in alleyways.

The city of midland is getting involved.

In a statement, Midland Public Information Officer, Sara Bustilloz says, "due to reports of an increased presence of rats in a north midland neighborhood, we sent maintenance crews through alleys to identify and mitigate any potential code issues that could be contributing to the problem such as large items and overgrown vegetation."

It goes on to say, "this can be a seasonal issue and residents are encouraged to research pest and rodent control or hire a professional to mitigate the situation."

NewsWest9 also spoke to keep midland beautiful, who gave these words of advice.

"Rodents are going to follow trash wherever it is, that's just the nature of rodents. But there are things the citizens can do to alleviate that problem. For one, not leaving trash outside of the trash receptacle is the biggest thing. Something you can do to keep trash out of the alley is to tie up your bags before you throw them out into the dumpster. Another thing that people can do is get some gloves, take a trash bag out there and pick it up that will help. But you can call us and see if we can help you organize and clean up in your neighborhood."

Keep Midland Beautiful can also help set up a cleanup in your neighborhood.

Just visit their website at http://www.keepmidlandbeautiful.org for more information.