Changes in Employee Hours Could Result In Less Potholes in Ector County

Changes in Employee Hours Could Result In Less Potholes in Ector County

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - It's something everyone wants to hear. You could soon see less potholes in Ector County.

Ector County Commissioners decided Monday to change the work schedule for county employees in charge of fixing them.

It's a small change, that could yield big results. Instead of 5-day work weeks, employees with the Highways and Streets Department and Sign Shop will instead work four day work weeks with 10 hour days. County leaders say this is the smartest decision to get more work done.

As seal coating season comes to a close, the county decided the summer schedule should be year-round for these county employees.

"What we have found during the summer months is that if they work 10-hour days, they're able to get a lot more done because they're not getting ready, going out into the field then packing up and coming back after the traditional 8-hour day. They have more time to get more accomplished," said Ector County Judge Susan Redford.

During their 8-hour days, pre-field work took up too much time.

"Of course they start out with safety meetings, then their quality controls on the equipment, then they move the equipment out into the field. By the time they do that, it takes up a lot of time," said Redford.

Changes we could see? Fewer potholes on the streets.

"Potholes continue to be an issue. So hopefully we can get more of the potholes filled on a daily basis, more mowing of the right of ways, blading of the alleys. Just overall maintenance work at this point in time," said Redford.

The Highways and Streets Department tells us employees are fully on board with the 3-day weekend incentive.

They told us in a statement, "Ten hour days year-round will result in more productivity. The employees get to start working earlier and work longer."