Lamesa Class Elects Homecoming Queen With Special Needs

Lamesa Class Elects Homecoming Queen With Special Needs

It's officially fall, and in west Texas, that means homecoming season is upon us.

And for Lamesa High School, this year's homecoming will be particularly special.

The title of homecoming queen usually goes to cheerleaders or student council members. But the Lamesa High School's class of 2018 voted to do something more meaningful with this year's crown.

"They waited for us to walk her into class and then back out, and then asked us for our permission if they could nominate her for the sophomore class homecoming princess," Maresa's mother, Erica Rodriquez, told NewsWest 9.

At first, she was afraid it was a cruel joke.

"She asked us if we were were doing it because we really meant it. If it was really out of our hearts," classmate McKenna said.

"They were just like, 'Oh, no ma'am, this is something that we want,'" finished Rodriquez.

"We just decided that we would nominate Maresa because, not thinking of ourselves, but thinking of others in the school who can't be involved in other things, so we just thought it would be a great idea to include her in stuff that she can be involved in," McKenna said while holding hands with Maresa.

Maresa Cortez was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was just three months old. Doctors told her parents that she probably wouldn't make it to three years old. Well, now she's a 17 year old homecoming queen.

"Marissa, do you think people love you?" Marissa touches head. "This is her symbol for 'yes,'" laughed her teacher, Pam Koehler.

"I just want her to have a good time out there. I want her to be happy, you know," classmate Savanna Lopez told NewsWest 9.

"I'm very very proud of those sophomore class that voted. Boys and girls alike got to vote and they chose her," Koehler said.

"It makes me feel proud of my class because they're doing this for her. They're not just thinking about themselves either," said Lopez.