Father, Son Reconnect in McCamey

Father, Son Reconnect in McCamey

MCCAMEY, TX (KWES) - A heartwarming story out of McCamey. A pastor took in an 82-year-old man who was stranded.

The elderly man was searching for his adult children and knew at least one of his sons lived somewhere in Texas.

George Brawdy arrived at the Spring in the Desert Worship Center in McCamey, down and out.

Originally from California, he was living in Georgia and decided to drive to Texas in search of his son.

Along the way, his vehicle broke down and he survived a crash.

He was left without his truck and says he hitch-hiked his way to McCamey where he reached out to pastor David Rodriguez and his wife Alisa.

The church took him in and set out to help George find his family.

On Wednesday, they located his son online and made the connection.

Right away, George's son, Eugene, drove to McCamey from Tyler.

They had not seen each other since 1990.

George says he simply lost touch with his children.

The drive from McCamey to Tyler is about seven hours and we're sure father and son had plenty to talk about.

George and his son left saying they would be back.

They say they plan to visit Pastor David and his wife in McCamey this thanksgiving.