Caught on Cam: Man Steals $1,685 Worth of Cigarettes

Caught on Cam: Man Steals $1,685 Worth of Cigarettes

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Nearly $1,700 worth of cigarettes were stolen from a 7-11 back in April. Now, Odessa Crimestoppers need your help finding the thief.

The man in this week's Caught On Cam is seen walking in to the store, picking his way into the manager's office and walking out with a trash bag full of cigarettes. No butts about it, this crime is a real drag. The guy quickly pacing into the store is our suspect. He goes back toward the restrooms and down the hallway, headed for the manager's office.

"He goes back to the office door, and he's got a pocket knife that he's picking the lock with," said Odessa Crimestopper's Susan Rogers. "He gets in there, he's in there for quite a while."

He's in there long enough to swipe more than $1,600 worth of cigarettes, but instead of walking out the door, he takes a detour.

"He takes it and goes into the men's restroom, he's in there for a couple of minutes, he comes out and leaves empty handed," Rogers said. "In just a few minutes, he comes back and goes into the men's restroom and comes out with now a dark-colored trash sack. This video is pretty good, I think someone will recognize the way he's dressed and how he's reacting. We've got several different angles and shots of him coming in the store, picking the lock on the door, and you may just know him by the fact he's probably out there selling those cigarettes."

If you have any information on the criminal, give Odessa Crimestoppers a call at 333-TIPS. You will remain anonymous, and you may receive a cash reward.