Odessa Charity Gives Service Dogs to Veterans

Odessa Charity Gives Service Dogs to Veterans

An average of 22 American military veterans commit suicide every day. The West Texas organization "Paws Got My 6" helps vets suffering from PTSD by giving them service dogs. But these K9 companions aren't cheap and they're looking to the community to help out.

"Paws Got My 6" has given 19 service service dogs to veterans since the charity started. Dogs are known to ease depression and anxiety, which is exactly what many veterans need.

"These dogs actually show comfort, and we say comfort because if they start having anxiety or feel uncomfortable these dogs will be there to comfort you. They will come up, they will love on you, they'll make sure that you're okay," said Kenneth Gilbreath of "Paws Got My 6."

But each dog cost's between $10,000 and $30,000 after training, so "Paws Got My 6" relies on fundraisers and donations to continue. Their next event is called "Raise Your Glass to Honor Our Military," which will offer live music, free drinks, and a silent auction.

One item in the auction will be a custom, military-themed pickup truck, built and donated by an Odessa business owner.

"These women and men that are coming back, they don't get the respect, they don't get the love, they don't get the attention, they don't get the patronage that they deserve. If it will help get the word out, then we plan on doing it every year in the future as long as we're open," Knuckleheads Garage Co-Owner Casey Harper told NewsWest9.

The Raise Your Glass to Honor Our Military fundraiser will be October 3 from 6:30 until midnight in the main hangar at the Commemorative Air Force Museum in Midland. Tickets at the door are $25 and all proceeds will go toward helping local veterans through counseling, therapy, and of course, service dogs.