Residents Share Survival Stories from Saturday's Midland Floods

Residents Share Survival Stories from Saturday's Midland Floods

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Some Midland residents say they're lucky to be alive after severe weather hit Saturday evening.

A couple of West Texans shared their experiences with us. One of them is searching for a hero.

Rains in the Basin fell so heavy, it caused flooding on almost every street. That made it difficult for drivers to make their way to their destinations.

Some were lucky enough to get through the waters. Others weren't so lucky.

"I was terrified I didn't know what to do. I mean I've always seen people on Facebook and the news saying, 'Turn around and don't drown'. I mean, that's what I was planning to do," said resident Marivel Esquivel.

Marivel experienced some frightening moments when she was driving on the corner of Andrews Highway and Illinois trying to avoid the flooding waters.

"Whenever oncoming traffic came the water pulled my car all the way down Illinois," said Esquivel.

Just as Marivel realized what was happening, a helper came to her aid.

"A firefighter came and he told me that I couldn't go any further. I told him I didn't have a choice cause the water just pulled my car. He just told me to get to get on his back because my car was a gonner. He gave me a piggy back ride. While I was on his back I could just feel him shivering," said Esquivel.

Now, Marivel is searching via social media and television, trying to find the stranger who saved her life and her car.

While Marivel was able to keep her car, other residents weren't so lucky.

"[The waters] just overtook my car. Everything just shut off. The windows locked, the doors locked. For some unknown reason, the driver window came down," said Greenwood resident, Roy Brooks.

Fortunately for Roy, he spotted a residence not too far away from him.

"I managed to get up on the bank, and knocked on the people's door and they helped me out," he said.

We reached out to Action Wrecker Service who tells us they were up all night towing cars left abandoned by their owners on the flooded roads. They tell us they don't know the exact number of cars they towed from the storms Saturday night, but they should have a concrete answer within the next few days.