Sign Posted by Local Church Has People Talking

Sign Posted by Local Church Has People Talking

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - A church in Midland has put up a sign that's getting a lot of attention. It says 'Thank You Kim Davis', in support of the Kentucky county clerk arrested for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. NewsWest 9 spoke with the pastor of the Midland church, about their controversial sign. It has everyone talking. The pastor says they could no longer keep quiet, and with this sign, well their views are being heard loud and clear.

"We decided to make a stand, if you will," said Senior Pastor Roy Smith of True Lite Christian Fellowship.

He says the congregation agrees with Kim Davis' actions.

"What she stands for is what we stand for. Her values set foundation-ally are the same as mine," said Smith.

Pastor Smith says True Lite simply doesn't agree with the Supreme Courts decision to allow same-sex marriage licenses.

"You cannot force a way of life on an individual, and that's what they have done with their agenda, and I wont stand for that," said Smith.

He says those four little words aren't just to show appreciation to Davis. The sign is sending a deeper message.

"Same sex relationships, that's an absolute no. We no longer can stand on the side line and hope that people get the message. You are not born gay, contrary to what psychologist and everybody else say," said Smith.

The sign has been up for nearly two weeks, and locals have a lot to say about it.

"The majority of what I'm seeing is support," said Smith.

NewsWest 9 took to Facebook, and where there's a lot of support, there's many who disagree. sign or no sign, Pastor Smith says everyone is welcome at True Lite.

"We're not against anybody. Our motto as a matter of fact for our church is loving god and loving people. We don't want to push them away. We do want to share Christ with them. We want them to know our end. We want them to know where we stand, but we will not push them away. We wont run them out of the door," said Smith.