London Olympian Visits Midland for 'National Gymnastics Day'

London Olympian Visits Midland for 'National Gymnastics Day'

Mark your calendars, because Saturday morning, the West Texas Tumbling and Trampoline Center in conjunction with Midland Mayor Jerry Morales proclaimed September 19th as National Gymnastics Day in Midland.

To celebrate the occasion, we had an Olympian pay a visit to the Basin.

Special guest, Savannah Vinsant, along with aspiring West Texas gymnasts went through routines in Saturday's clinic. Vinsant also showed off her skills on the trampoline.

The purpose of Saturday's event was also to encourage more children to be active by trying out new fun fitness routines in gymnastics.

"Its an honor, actually, to be able to be a part of other children in their lives and their gyms and to be a part of their facility. It's really awesome to do that," said 2012 London Trampoline Olympian, Savannah Vinsant.

Vinsant participated in the 2012 London Olympics at just 19 years old. She was the youngest and first-ever U.S. trampoline athlete to qualify for finals. She placed 6th overall.