Big Spring Animal Rescue Group Frustrated With City Leaders

Big Spring Animal Rescue Group Frustrated With City Leaders

BIG SPRING, TX (KWES) - An animal rescue organization in Big Spring is speaking out. They say the city needs to step up efforts to improve the local animal shelter. NewsWest9 spoke with leaders of the organization about their concerns. The animal rescue group says the Big Spring Animal Shelter is in need of volunteers and funding. They say city leaders are not responding to their concerns.

"For years now we have been trying to get changes made and barely anything has been done," said Alison Herm, a leader for Relocation Rescue.

The group, Relocation Rescue says one of the biggest needs is volunteers, but they say they've told residents cannot help out at the shelter.

"We cannot get the city to let in volunteers. We cannot get them to just make minor changes. There's a lot. There's a lot and it just seems that the city and the mayor, the mayor in particular, and the city council members, are just ignoring it," said Herm.

NewsWest 9 spoke with Big Spring's Mayor, Larry McLellan, and he says they do allow volunteers at the animal shelter. All you have to do is sign a waiver and a release. But that's not all the animal rescue group is frustrated about. They say parvo is a spreading problem at the shelter and there's no money to fix the issue.

"We want to see that added into the city budget where animals upon arrival, especially puppies, puppies are not given any shots any vaccinations," said Herm.

"I've offered to build a surgical suit so we can sterilize animals before they're adopted out," said Kelly Stadler, a leader for Relocation Rescue.

The animal rescue group says that donation was turned down, but Mayor McLellan says donations to the animal shelter are welcomed and much needed. He says especially with the downturn in the oil industry bringing budget cuts.

"I do feel like care and that they're willing to make changes but they need they're city council and their mayor to back that up and allow funding to be funneled that direction to make those changes. In the beginning I just didn't want to step on any toes and now I've just realized some toes are just going to have to be stepped on and we're just going to have to get load until we get changes," said Stadler.

Now again the mayor aggressively denied the organizations claims about volunteers and donations being turned away. NewsWest 9 did reach out to the animal shelter but have not heard back from them.