Mother, Baby Remain in Critical Condition Following Explosion Near Seminole

Mother, Baby Remain in Critical Condition Following Explosion Near Seminole

GAINES COUNTY, TX (KWES) - Investigation is underway for an explosion that happened near Seminole Tuesday evening.

A young mother and her baby remain in critical condition since the blast. The explosion went off inside their home with the young mother and her baby inside. Family members say she was cooking when the blast went off.

Investigators were on scene Thursday, still trying to determine what caused the explosion. The State Fire Marshal's Office, Gaines County Sheriff's Office and the Railroad Commission were all at the home on County Road 318. They would not say if they have found any clues on what sparked the explosion.

While on scene, NewsWest9 saw propane and gas tanks that were mixed in with the burned rumble, but again officials have not said if that is what's to blame. The Railroad Commission did say it can be very dangerous to use propane and gas out in the county because there are no regulations or required inspections.

NewsWest9 spoke with near by neighbors who were home when the explosion went off.

"My boys and I went outside and we saw the sheriff's and everything and we saw a fire. We didn't see that it was a structure fire. We just figured it was maybe hay or something," said a neighbor of the victims.

The explosion sparked a blaze that engulfed the mobile home in flames with a young mother, Jessica Dilgadillo, and her 18 month old son, named Lucky, inside. She was able to escape the burning home with her baby in her arms.

"We heard screaming. I thought I heard baby's screaming and stuff. We didn't know at the time that there was a baby and a mom hurt," said a neighbor of the victims.

They are both now now fighting for their lives at a Lubbock hospital. As of Thursday afternoon, they are still in critical condition.

"It's devastating. I mean they lost everything. I have four boys so it's scary to think of having one of mine hospitalized or something like that," said a neighbor of the victims.

Family members tell us, several young children were outside playing when the explosion happened, but they weren't hurt. NewsWest 9 talked with two family members that live near by. They are requesting privacy at this time, and didn't want to speak on camera.