Odessa Boy Stabbed With Pencil After School

Odessa Boy Stabbed With Pencil After School

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - An 8-year-old Odessa boy was stabbed with a pencil Tuesday afternoon and rushed to the emergency room with a puncture wound in the back of his head, his mother said.

Amber Trevino told NewsWest 9 her son, Xayden Fierro, was injured by a fellow Burnet Elementary School student shortly after dismissal.

The two were walking home with several other students, she said, when something led to a scuffle near a crosswalk in front of the school.

An unidentified boy allegedly punched Fierro in the stomach before shoving a pencil into his head, according to Trevino.

"When I got there, my other son goes running to my car and he opens my door and he's just crying," she said. "With tears in his eyes, he says, 'My brother got stabbed!' I freaked out. I jumped out of my car and just started running into the school to look for him... I was bawling."

School police have been assigned to investigate the incident, according to Ector County Independent School District spokesman Mike Adkins.

"We understand [the injured boy] is one of the students who walks home and this happened somewhere that may have been off school property," he told NewsWest 9 in a phone conversation.

Another parent was present during the incident and guided Fierro back inside the school, where he was tended to by a teacher and the school nurse, Adkins added.

His mother said she found him in the nurse's office and "felt sickened" by what she saw.

"I was so scared for my baby," Trevino said. "All I saw was a whole bunch of blood all around his back, the cut on his head and the blood on his shirt... He was crying, I was crying [and] even the school principal was crying"

Doctors treated the second grader at Odessa Regional Medical Center and released him Tuesday evening.

His wound required staples, his mother said.

"I don't know what happened leading up to [the stabbing]," Trevino told NewsWest 9. "I wasn't there. I can only go off what my [two sons] told me... I'm letting the school and ECISD Police [lead this investigation] now. I trust they will punish that kid how he deserves to be punished."