Driver Leaves Trail of Destruction in Odessa, Witnesses Suspect Intoxication

Driver Leaves Trail of Destruction in Odessa, Witnesses Suspect Intoxication

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - An identified driver left behind a trail of destruction in the 1400 block of East Everglade Avenue on Monday afternoon and was led away in handcuffs by Odessa Police.

According to investigators, the driver was heading west on Everglade Avenue "at a high rate of speed," lost control of his Ford Mustang, hit a fence and mailbox, swerved into a Lincoln Navigator parked on the street and pushed it into a Ford pick-up truck parked nearby.

No injuries were reported, police said.

Residents who witnessed the aftermath of the incident told NewsWest 9 the driver "was not sober."

Officials could not confirm what charges the driver is facing.

The Mustang - damaged beyond repair - eventually came to rest in the front yard of 1406 E Everglade Ave.

Resident Luke Cavender said his truck was repairable, but his girlfriend's Navigator was totaled.

"All of her airbags came out," he told NewsWest 9. "It was crazy. [Our cars have] gotten dinged and dented [while parked] on the street, but never something like this."

Cavender said he watched the Mustang "kind of do a 180 and flip into [the] front yard" after ramming the SUV into his truck.

His girlfriend, Deaven Martin, said they were playing video games inside the house when they heard the first of several collisions and ran outside.

"[We] usually like to chill in the car and listen to music," she told NewsWest 9. "We were actually about to leave and get in the car. If that would have happened, [the crash] probably would have taken us both out. It's incredible that nobody was hurt."

According to Cavender, the Mustang driver attempted to flee the scene before police arrived.

"We ran outside and he staggered out of his [totaled car]," he said. "He went to run down the sidewalk. I ran in front of him, pushed him back and told him, 'No, you can't leave. We need to get this figured out.'"

NewsWest 9 crews arrived as officers were handcuffing the suspect and shining a flashlight into his eyes.

The preliminary results of any field sobriety tests conducted at the scene were not immediately available to media.

"I'm just happy nobody was hurt," said Cavender. "We always have schoolkids walking up and down [and playing outside on this street]. He had to be going 60 [miles per hour]."